A Photographer’s Life

I was in the studio this afternoon shooting an editorial for an upcoming project. I brought my youngest daughter along with me. She loves to observe. She is also a very talented performing artist and visual artist, respectively.  Born to be a star, no doubt. We call her the Bean. 

She watched the model arrive, the hair and make up process start and then wondered over to the pile of props and random garments that were stack in the corner. She always pulls out the tulle skirt when she’s at the studio. She loves that thing! Little by little she kept layering pieces on. Next thing I know Lauren has her in the make-up chair allowing her to choose a blush color. 

I turn on the wind machine and fire off a few shots! HA

I head to back to the other room to work…

She ties the teal scarf around her head and we all joke that she looks like “the girl with the pearl earring” only with out the pearl earrings…

But we do have baby dear antlers! So she puts them on. Lauren adds eyes shadow. 

Christmas bulbs are hung from her ears (pearl earrings are so 1665)!

 And next thing I know we have a full blown fashion shoot happening. Bean is channeling her inner creature from Narnia or perhaps an unwritten Star Wars character. We aren’t sure. We’ll allow you to make up your own story as you go….

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