Basic Digital Photography Course - Starts April 22,2021

$295.00 USD

Price is $295  

Course begins: April 22, 2021

Runs for 8 weeks

Week 1: Getting to Know Each Other and Our Equipment 

This week we explore who we are as photographers and how the equipment we have can serve us best. 

Week 2: The Exposure Triangle

This we we will learn the exposure triangle is the foundation of photography. By the end of this week's lesson you will be familiar with the 3 functions and purpose each triangle element.  You will also learn how to control them on your equipment. 

Week 3: Creative Exposure vs Proper Exposure

This week we will learn how to use our camera's meter to control the outcome of the photograph as we continue to balance our exposure triangle.

Week 4: Get in Focus

This week we will learn about focus modes. And how to get creative with them. By week 4 you will be taking photos in full manual mode with confidence. 

Week 5: Pushing Beyond the Limits our Lenses

This week will continue understanding out exposure triangle in all natural light situations.We will learn how to make your camera give you the creative results you desire.

Week 6: Dynamic Range, Histogram and Mistakes to Avoid. 

This week we will learn about the tools built into your camera so that you can take an accurate exposure with consistency. No more unusable shots!

Week 7: Flash, Color Cast and Composition

This week is a basic overview of 3 photography components that can turn your photographs from drab to fab. You'll learn pro tips that will have people asking you if you're a pro! 

Week8: Editing 

We will wrap up this course with a basic overview on editing. How to tweak your photographs and give them a finishing touch. 


Projected Class Schedule

Thursday, April 22 - 8:00pm EST

Thursday, April 29 - 8:00pm EST

Thursday, May 6 - 8:00pm EST

Thursday, May 13 - 8:00pm EST

Wednesday, May 19th - 8:00pm EST

Thursday, May 27 - 8:00pm EST

Thursday, June 3 - 8:00pm EST

Thursday, June 10 - 8:00pm EST

After you checkout, please email me at with your Facebook screen name so that I can be sure you are added to the group! Thank you!

You also receive lifetime access to this course. You may re-take it at no additional cost each time I run this particular course. 

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