1. Winslow Family

    When you look back at your session images, I want you to feel like you were in that moment again. I want you to smell the flowers, hear the giggles and feel the love and sunshine. xoxo - Nicole 

  2. Bri and Vinny

  3. Lauren and Cory

  4. Maggie and Jared

  5. Kasey and Frank

  6. Alex and Dan

  7. Golden Hour Family Session

    What is golden hour? Golden hours is when the sun is low in the sky and typically gives a golden glow. This time of day produces flattering light for portraits. And when it comes to getting your picture taken, the word “flattering” is like music to your ears! Because the…

  8. Sydney + Ryker

  9. Amy + Marc 8.4.17

  10. Meredith + Jonathan 10.7.17

  11. Kaitlin + Charlie 11.10.17

  12. Dan + Jessica 7.8.17

  13. Erika + Chris 8.12.17

  14. Max + Annelise 6.9.17

  15. Ashlyn + Cody 8.19.17

  16. Katie + Matt 7.7.17

    They met as college freshmen on the very first day of “Freshmen Move-In” at the University of Pittsburgh. I don’t think many students are expecting to find true love and a soulmate that day…but as fate had something in store for Katie and Matt. What started out as friends turned…

  17. Marilee + Pete 8.25.17

    Brides Dress: Allure, MB Bride Groom’s Tux: Bliss Bridal Bridesmaid’s Dresses: David’s Bridal Florist: Lori Gricks Caterer: Medure’s Makeup: Katelyn Brown Transportation: TDF Limo DJ: Mike Santangelo Ceremony: St. Lucy’s Reception: White Barn

  18. Christie + Tom 9.2.17

    It all started with a date to the Andy Warhol Museum back in 2013. After, they spent the evening getting to know each other at Tom’s favorite hang out, Pipers Club, where they answered silly questions about each other….the rest is history!  Venue: The Jaqueline House of Wilmington  Caterer: JPC…

  19. Dylan

    I fired off a few test shots to test the light and then noticed Dylan had a hair tie on his wrist.  Bella was standing behind me. She said “Dylan, you want to take that hair tie off?” I giggled, “Dylan, why are you wearing a hair tie?” And Dylan…with…

  20. Izzy 2018 Senior

    Dream Clients are the clients that say “Hey Nicole, we don’t want traditional senior photos. We want a 1970’s fashion vibe, can you do that?” And after your insides are done jumping up and down and doing backflips, you compose yourself and say “Yes! of course I can!” I have…

  21. Emily and Joey 5.13.17

    They met about 10 years ago in college. One summer Joey agreed to help Emily train for her first half marathon the summer before her senior year. Sadly he was dating someone else at the time but lucky for Emily when she moved back home the summer after she graduated,…

  22. Nick + Maggie 10.15.16

    Nick and Maggie knew exactly how to make this wedding their own! Every last detail was created by the couple. Nick made the wooden centerpieces and Maggie did the watercolor place settings. The entire wedding was beautiful collaboration of who they are as a couple. Nick’s mom made the gorgeous…

  23. Jenny and Kevin 4.29.17

      After meeting during their internships back in 2012, they hung out as friends and over time that friendship flourished into a love that would eventually lead to the exchange of owl beanie babies on their first Christmas together. An inside joke between the two love birds that would one day…

  24. Jennifer + Justin | Engaged

    Location: Pittsburgh North Shore Click here to see Jennifer + Justin’s Wedding day!

  25. Jennifer + Justin 6.4.16

    Click here to see Justin + Jennifer’s Pittsburgh Engagement Session! Published in the 2017 Whirl Wedding Guide Honeymoon: Clearwater, Fla. Seamstress: Sandy Newsom of Creative Fabric Solutions Tuxedos: Men’s Warehouse Rentals: Exceptional Essentials Plus Planner: Johanna Sesse Makeup: Maria Layton Hair: Cheri Underwood Entertainment: Steven Vance Strolling Violins and DJ…

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