To all of you who visit my website, enjoy looking at work and hire me to capture your memories, THANK YOU!

I will always and forever be thankful for your support.

I hope you all enjoy your friends, your family and your traditions!

My personal favorite thing about Thanksgiving dinner is the cranberry sauce! I can’t get enough of it!

So to tie over my cranberry sauce craving until dinner, this year I’m making Cranberry Orange Relish and Goat Cheese on Artisan Rosemary Crackers for an appetizers! 

And who ever told you not to play with your food, was clearly not a photographer.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Fresh Cranberries

Sumo Oranges

Goat Cheese

Dried Mixed Herbs

Pink Peppercorns

Fresh Rosemary

Artisan Rosemary Crackers

Nicole Cassano Photography

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