Cydney + Jon | Surprise Proposal

This past July I had an exciting role in a surprise proposal! Here’s how it went down:

Cydney’s friend Christina called me with the idea. Cydney, a hair stylist, was in need of new head shots for her website. Christina, set up a session with me for Cydney under the guise that I was shooting head shots for her. The plan was that after we shot a few head shots, Cydney’s boyfriend Jon would pop up unexpectedly and PROPOSE! I would be there, ready, camera in hand to catch it all without Cydney being suspicious because “she was having head shots taken.”  And we pulled it all off! PERFECTLY

Man, it was exhilarating!! It was my first ever surprise proposal, so I was super anxious and excited and a little nervous because, OMG, WHEN WAS JON GOING TO COME AROUND THE CORNER??? EEEEK!!

As it turns out, Jon was super anxious too! He had been texting with Christina and waiting for the “go ahead.”   I placed Cydney’s back to the sun (and the corner that Jon was hiding around) and started coaching her into some fun and playful poses and expressions. About 2 minutes into it (yep, that’s it, 2 minutes!!) I see Jon rounding the corner! My heart was racing so fast! I was so excited but I just kept shooting, trying not to let it show on my face. I really should have won an Oscar for this performance!! 

Just as he was a few inches from her back, Cydney felt his presence and turned around! The proposal ensued and I was a pile of melted mush! It was hands down the sweetest thing I had ever witnessed!

After we all dried our eyes…Christina helped Cydney freshen her make up. And Jon couldn’t wait to call Cydney’s mom and tell her, HE DID IT! … I took a few official engagement photos and we sent Cydney and Jon off to a romantic dinner!

Turns out this wasn’t going to be the last surprise proposal Christina and I found ourselves a part of! I’ll be blogging about another one soon!!

Location:  Magnolias For Pittsburgh, Cultural District

Photography: Nicole Cassano Photography

Stylist: Style By Christina

Wardrobe: Lex and Lynne

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