Golden Hour Family Session

What is golden hour? Golden hours is when the sun is low in the sky and typically gives a golden glow. This time of day produces flattering light for portraits. And when it comes to getting your picture taken, the word “flattering” is like music to your ears! Because the sun is low in the sky, it will not create the harsh shadows that you’ll find in the middle of the day when the sun is right above you…can you say raccoon eyes? No thanks. Not only that, when the sun is too high in the sky it will cause you to squint. No amount of photoshop can fix a squished-up eye squint face. Thankfully, I schedule my session at the perfect time of the day, Golden Hour! Do you hear angels singing? No? Oh that’s just that beautiful halo light in your hair being created by golden hour light. 

Here’s how a Golden Hour Session goes…

Your session is scheduled to start about 2 hours before sundown. This allows us time to warm up and get the session flowing before the magical light happens. At the beginning of the session, I light to take a few easy, everyone-look-at-me-and-smile, type photos to test the light and get the traditional photos out of the way. These posed, traditional photos are a must. Trust me, you have a mom, aunt and grandma that will not understand why you aren’t looking at the camera in the other photos. We are aiming to please here. Plus, these photos do serve their purpose in your family archives. 

Next we start to work on the photos you are here for! The sweet, real, moments that capture the relationships you have with each other. I’m here to show you it’s ok if your little one cries at the session. You are bending down to console her and I’m here for it! It’s a precious moment in time that I get to capture of you being an awesome mom, coming to her rescue. You’ll love looking back on this someday. Promise. Embrace it and let me capture the realness of the moment. 

We move throughout the space and location as I look for backgrounds and lighting scenarios that fit my style so that I can deliver a gallery that has my signature look. It’s important to know that I never leave you hanging. I am constantly directing you and moving you a long as the session plays out. I’m working to create a collection of photos that tell a story, captures facial expressions, shows connections between your family members and make you say “AWWWWWWW” when you see them for the first time. 

It’s my goal to create photos that you can’t wait to share now and that you’ll treasure for years to come. Remember how small she was, when her hand fit in yours, when singing a silly song could make her smile…someday you’ll back on these photos as simpler time in life. I want you to be able to hold this time in your hand, give it a squeeze and relive it. 

Take a look below at how a session unfolds…and keep reading for Amanda’s words about the session…

“Our first session with Nicole did not disappoint!  Our rowdy 18 month old is a challenge to say the least, but Nicole got so many great shots that we couldn’t decide which ones to choose!!  She got smiles out of our little stinker every time!  We would recommend her over and over again!  Thank you Nicole for capturing these amazing memories of our little family! 


The Druschel Family”

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