Izzy 2018 Senior

Dream Clients are the clients that say “Hey Nicole, we don’t want traditional senior photos. We want a 1970’s fashion vibe, can you do that?” And after your insides are done jumping up and down and doing backflips, you compose yourself and say “Yes! of course I can!”

I have so so many awesome shots, but today’s post is just serving as a sneak peek! Many, many, many more to come!! 

The next look was an “Outsider’s” vibe. We brought Izzy’s boyfriend into a few shots to tell the story of her senior year. 

We have one last look to shoot! It’s going to be epic so stay tuned!!! 

Krystal and Izzy, thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to bring your vision to life! It was a blast!!!

Hair/Make-up/Styling: Krystal Champ

Photography: Nicole Cassano

And a special thanks to my husband for letting us use his vintage car!! 

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