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  1. Riley

    A portrait session is so much more than perfectly coifed hair and pressed clothes. In fact it’s not that at all. When it comes to small children it’s about those silly faces and mischievous smiles. It’s about the sweet moments and being shy. It’s about capturing who they are at…

  2. Together

    One of my favorite quotes “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?”~ Stand By Me The reason I love photography so much is that I get to capture the relationships between people. Most of what I show professionally…

  3. the b family

  4. The Studio

    Beautiful things are happening in the studio, here’s a peek. To inquire about studio sessions, contact me here.xoxo~N

  5. Riley

    I’m very excited to announce that my natural light studio in New Wilmington, PA is almost ready! I’ve been doing test sessions here and there getting everything just right. It’s everything I love and everything I want my work to be. White, simple, classic, timeless, real, organic. I’m not a…

  6. Harper

    This little face full of sunshine brightened up my studio on this gloomy day. It’s hard to believe she’s 6 months already! She’s another one of “my babies.” It all started with mom and dad’s engagement, then their wedding, her big sister’s maternity and newborn sessions, a couple of big…

  7. Carter

    What can I say? I’m head over heels in love with little Carter. He’s what I refer to as one of “my babies.” I’ve photographed mom and dad’s Engagement, Wedding, Maternity, Carter’s Newborn session and now here he is at 6 months. I feel so blessed when clients become friends…

  8. friends

    Human: Sophia, 10Yorkie: Lilly, 7Relationship status: BFFs for over 6 years

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